Kim Felts
Artist Bio

Kim Felts is passionate about being an artist, but it didn’t come about in a conventional way.

As a child, Kim enjoyed drawing and was encouraged by a high school art teacher to utilize her talent in some capacity. It wasn’t until she attended Texas State University that she was introduced to watercolor and figure drawing while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. After graduating, she devoted the next three decades to raising four sons, with no thoughts of becoming an artist.

It was in 2013, while contemplating a job change that her husband noticed some sketches that she had been drawing in the evenings. Impressed by her natural talent, he suggested that she pursue an art career. Knowing it would take more than an ability to sketch, she immersed herself in studying and learning from artists who shared their knowledge, technique, and art experiences through their websites. With a quick trial in colored pencil, then pastel, and acrylic, she finally tried her hand at oil painting. This was the beginning of a passionate pursuit.

Realism in the arts is the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions, implausible, exotic and supernatural elements. This seemed to be her natural way of translating life onto canvas.

With a fascination in God’s incredible creation and plan that places people in individual circumstances we cannot understand she is driven to seek subjects reflecting parts of this plan. She strives for truth, beauty, and accuracy in her work.

See more of Kim's work on her website here .
  1. Best-Seat-in-the-House
  2. Olé
  3. Red-Scarf
  4. Empty Nester
    Empty Nester
  5. Fragrant Offering
    Fragrant Offering
  6. Pure Joy
    Pure Joy
  7. Roasting Barley
    Roasting Barley