Karen Smith-Mangold
Being raised in a ranching family from west Texas with an appreciation for all things natural, I continue to honor those ideals with western and wildlife being the focus of my art.  I  chose oil painting as my medium because of it’s richness and color vibrancy, and enjoy exploring all forms of light in my painting, which can transform a two dimensional substrate into a three dimensional experience.

The best way I can explain my early interest in drawing was from something that happened in first grade.  Our teacher asked the students to turn our desks around to face another student and draw that student’s face.  I did so - and the reaction from the teacher and other students simply amazed me.  They showered me with compliments.  It wasn’t until I started comparing my drawing to others that I understood.  Apparently, my brain was able to see the shapes, curves, and angles so correctly that the likeness was undeniable.  Of course, since then I’ve realized that being an artist is so much more than drawing a likeness of someone or something.  It comes from within; a desire to pour your heart out on the canvas and stir the emotions of the viewer.

During the years I was raising a family, I mainly worked full time as a computer graphic artist.  There were years when I was able to put that aside to pursue fine art.  However, since I let my excitement for other art mediums get the best of me, I didn’t concentrate on oil painting and would soon have to go back to work as a graphic artist.  I’m happy to say that I am firmly settled on oil painting as my only medium.

Some of my past art instructors include:Fritz White, Grant Speed, Herb Mignery-Sculpture
Gary Carter, Jay Hester, Bruce Greene, Martin Greeley, Loren Entz, Charlotte Curry-Oil Painting
I also benefited from many painting and sculpting workshops at the Cowboy Artists of America Museum when it was headquartered in Kerrville, Texas.

A list of some past juried art shows:
Phippen Museum Art Show - Prescott, Arizona
Mountain Oyster Show - Tucson, Arizona
J.R. Mooney Art Gallery - San Antonio, Texas
Museum of Western Art (2018 Fall Show) - Kerrville, Texas
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