Sharon Whisnand
I fell in love with encaustic painting when I first fused two layers of wax in a painting. The excitement of encaustic painting comes from embedding objects, texturing, layering and fusing colors atop each other in a wax medium.

When looking at encaustic paintings, one can see through the thin layers of wax, and grasp the transparency and luminosity of each painting. Please feel free to touch the painting. Touching the painting will help you appreciate the depth of the work and understand what layers are underneath the surface.

Even though encaustic painting is painstakingly difficult and daunting, it provides the artist with a medium to explore, to play, and yes, to create beautiful works of art. I hope you will enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them.
Learn more about Sharon's artwork on Youtube here .

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  1. Tablecloth Framed
    Tablecloth Framed
  2. Swirl Framed
    Swirl Framed
  3. Southwestern Designs Framed
    Southwestern Designs Framed
  4. Spring Framed
    Spring Framed
  5. Kokopelli Framed
    Kokopelli Framed
  6. Here Now Framed
    Here Now Framed
  7. Butterfly Framed
    Butterfly Framed
  8. Yee Haw
    Yee Haw
  9. Fragments
  10. Pavillion
  11. Things Change
    Things Change