A small sample of the newest artwork on display.

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  1. 2018
    Each of our eight artists is featuring small, normally less than 10 inches wide on the long side, artwork during the first few months. This is very affordable artwork and many are original pieces by the artist.
  2. March 2018
    Our gallery celebrated its first anniversary and a successful first year in March, with a special birthday event. The party is over but the new artwork displays are just beginning. Thanks to everyone who helped us make 2017 a successful first year! Look for a new artist who will join us soon!
  3. April 2018
    Gallery 195 of Boerne is pleased to announce that two artists are joining the gallery as partners. Bally Studios, Andre and Virginia Bally, contemporary artists in ceramics, glass, paper, and metal are the newest additions to the gallery partnership.
  4. Apr 14, 2018
    2nd Saturday
    Join us for Art and Wine from 4:00 to 8:00 on Saturday, April14. We will have many new works of art on display.