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Brazil’s Pantanal: Amazing & Beautiful Wildlife & Landscape 

Gallery 195 of Boerne is proud to announce that Jim Heupel, nationally award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, has installed his exhibit “Brazil’s Pantanal: Amazing & Beautiful Wildlife & Landscape at the Gallery located at 195 S Main Street in Boerne.

Heupel first traveled to the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland area located primarily in southern Brazil, in 2016. Last year he co-led a photographic tour there, and in 2018 he will lead a photographic tour there for Trogon Tours.

In addition to staying at various eco-lodges and ranches, he has traveled by boat up and down rivers, approximately 500 miles over a total period of 96 hours, looking for and photographing the elusive and endangered jaguar. The largest cat in the New World, the jaguar is also the third largest cat in the world, coming in third after the tiger and then the lion. The best opportunity to see jaguars is along river banks in the early to mid-mornings and mid-to late afternoons when they are looking for yacare caiman (South American crocodilian) and capybara (the world’s largest rodents).

Giant otters, also endangered, roam the rivers in very social family groups. Reaching over 5 feet in length, they frolic along river edges playing and looking for fish to eat. The Brazilian tapir, a herbivore, often is found near water. It also is endangered. It averages a weight of 500 pounds. On land, the giant anteater can also reach over 5 feet in length, including its unusual, dust mop-like tail.

A variety of bird of beautiful birds and unusual birds abound in the Pantanel. The hyacinth macaw, a beautiful blue bird, is the largest of the parrot family. blue and yellow macaws are often seen, as are monk parakeets. owls, cardinals, toucans and rhea—flightless birds that are relatives of the ostrich.

On Second Saturday Art Beat, January 13, Heupel will give a presentation about the Pantanel using his photographs, at both 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

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    Each of our eight artists is featuring small, normally less than 10 inches wide on the long side, artwork during January. This is very affordable artwork and many are original pieces by the artist.
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  4. Feb 10, 2018
    Jim Heupel will be displaying images from his recent trip to Brazil's Pantanal. There will be two presentations , one at 5:00 and a second one at 6:30 PM. If you are interested in nature photography, don't miss this one!